5 Fashion Mistakes Of Women Over 30

Curvy women now days are getting increasingly noticed. If you are a woman with a curvy structure, and an hourglass figure, jeans is the right choice for you.

We all have heard of the Tommy Hilfiger jeans, they have a great look and feel to them and are available in all sizes. Cost for these jeans run about thirty to thirty five dollars but well worth that little extra money to put out for a great fit. These jeans can be purchased at JcPenny and most shops in your local mall.

The high neck swimsuits pant is back whether we want it here or not. Boot-cut and flared leg styles are best. Believe it or not, any body shape can wear this look, provided the fit is right. A fitted button down shirt looks great with this pant, just be sure to tuck it in! Hem length is also extremely important with this look. Too short and you look like you’re headed for a flood; too long and you might be mistaken for a muppet. So what’s the right length? The front of the pant should fall where your toes begin and the back should be about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch above the floor. Remember you want to see top of your shoes only. Any more and the pant loses its elongated elegance.

The right summer plus sized clothes should allow free body movement and be practical as well. Cotton and linen dresses are the best types of clothing for summers. Cotton and linen fabrics are thinner and soft.

Another hot trend is characteristic of the 70 punk fashions. As with hippie clothing, fashion punk arose as a form of protest against a world class producer poor. The punks preaching anarchism, and so his clothes showed that they did not follow any rules. The clothes were dark colored, with aggressive messages were printed and broken. The fashion during 1980 was characterized by great influence of previous fashion but, in turn, being the opposite. The most influential fashion 80’s punk era! All fashion related to the hippie era disappeared completely. The only thing that persisted for 60 are the mini graduation dresses inspired on miniskirts, however the 80’s were of lycra, leather or lace, very tight to the body, a style never seen before.

Black pants – Black pants are a must for every wardrobe. Choose the fabric, silhouette and price point that works best for your lifestyle. Stylish options for the moment are black harem pants or jodhupurs, while slim black pants and wide leg pants with a high waisted swimsuit are completely classic and appropriate for the work place and beyond.

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Coming to the bottom of the body at the feet, even young boys and girls need stylish footwear when stepping out of the house. Girls can wear strappy sandals with flat or very small heels or small wedge heels, too. There are funky sneakers for both girls and boys. Boys can wear open toed sandals or lace up or slide on shoes. Shoes come in different colours and materials, too, to give your child that much needed variety.

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