What Is The Transition Cycle? (Part 1 Of 4

Just as each of us is a unique individual, we all have our own unique experiences of grief. Our pace, how we express it, our thoughts and behaviors will vary. That is what makes us human, real, true to ourselves. That uniqueness is also the basis for life coaching.

Before you are tempted to take action, identify the smallest doable actions you can take. Taking action, any action, will help you feel more in control. But when you are overwhelmed, that can seem daunting. So break things into tiny action steps. Once you’ve done this, you are ready for step 5.

You went from having set works hours to the vast open space of free time. We all long for support it but when it’s before us free time can be daunting. Make sure that you set and hold “work hours” each day. That is, dedicated and focused time toward your job search. Know in advance what you’ll do each day.

A number of these options also have fringe benefits. While providing income, you can hopefully put yourself in positions where you can develop skills, experience, or contacts for your next career. How will you make the finances work during your outplacement supports? Take a few minutes and jot down your thoughts.

Choose your own reply, one that sounds good from your mouth. I just wanted to suggest words, tone, an open mind and a positive attitude toward your situation.

This is closely related to building your brand. If you have been cursing along for years, now may be the time to put in extra time or take on additional work. Be sure your boss knows about your extra effort. Use your time wisely. No personal business, long personal phone calls or non work related internet use on company time. Clean up any attendance or tardiness issues. This is not the time to take a mental health day. You also have to meet all your work commitments. No missed deadlines or going over budget.

It is essential you get along with your supervisor or co-workers. This is as important as any technical job skills. Get feedback on how you are doing. Ask others what changes you need to make. Follow up on the suggestions you are given. Be tolerant of the working styles of your boss and peers.

So, if you are having a particularly bad day on the job search, don’t delay. Get up from your desk, get out of the house and get your mind off things, even if it’s just for an hour…but even for a day! The time you invest in your mental and emotional health will pay off abundantly.

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