Choosing Between a Carafe and Tumbler Set

carafe and tumbler set

A carafe and tumbler set is the ideal companion for a wine connoisseur. A carafe allows you to enjoy a drink while holding the actual bottle of your favorite wine, while allowing the cork to breathe. While this might seem counter intuitive to most people, carafes actually allow wine to breathe and release its flavor into the wine. The reason why this is beneficial is because as wine is oxidized, or decanted, it will release the flavor in the wine, and decanting the wine really forces the wine to release its flavor in a concentrated form. If you were to sip your glass of wine without drinking it first, you would not be able to appreciate the full flavor of the wine, as the alcohol would simply dissipate into the air. By drinking your wine with a carafe and tumbler, you are forcing your wine to be consumed by forcing the cork out of the bottle, and allowing the wine to be consumed in its purest form.

How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Choosing Between A Carafe And Tumbler Set

Tumblers on the other hand allow you to enjoy your glass of wine with the utmost in style. Most wine glasses come with a flat top, and a carafe with a mouth blown glass is simply a better option. Not only is a carafe mouth blown glass more attractive than a plain old poured white, it also allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your wine without having to drink it through a straw. Stemware on the other hand can be quite unattractive and it will take up a lot of counter space.

While there are clear plastic carafe and tumbler sets that will protect your wine from dust and air, you may find that a colored carafe and tumbler set makes a much better statement. This way you get to enjoy the look of a glass carafe, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of a good carafe and tumbler set. These are not inexpensive, so be prepared to spend a good deal of money on your new glass carafe and tumbler set. However, you will always be glad you invested in such a beautiful and useful piece of art.