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Real Estate Information Systems

Showcase IDX has a lot many benefits over the competition for providing real estate software solutions. IDX real estate software allows realtors to search and manage multiple properties, including foreclosed homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. If you are an agent who is looking for a software solution that offers a variety of tools, features, and functions, then you might want to consider Showcase IDX. The company provides all of the elements, an agent needs to effectively manage their realty leads, listings, and accounts.

The Benefits Of The North Texas MLS

The Showcase IDX product suite includes four products: Real Time Leads, Multiple Listings Service, Property Management System, and the Networked Viewing Server. The Real Time Lead provides agents with real time lead information through email, phone, or web based applications. This feature sends real time leads to the agent’s specified contacts, so they can respond at any time. The Multi Listing Service allows the agent access to the Multiple Listings Service database, which contains information from all of the country listings in real time. The property management system offers the agent the ability to manage multiple properties simultaneously and is supported by the company’s intuitive user interface.

The Networked Viewing Server is used to provide live access to properties that are part of the NTP network. The software can be accessed from any internet connection, which enables you to view properties anywhere in the north central Texas region no matter how remote it is. The County Association Management System is a web-based solution that provides agents with the ability to manage several realty groups in the northwest part of the state. If you are in the business of selling or buying foreclosures, then you need to learn more about these three important North Texas real estate information systems. The information provided will help you determine what type of technology is best for your business.

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